# Experimental features

# What is an experimental feature?

Meilisearch maintains a high standard for new features. The process of adding a new feature to our search engine typically begins with a specification, centers around copious unit testing, and ends with the feature's release, barring some minor iteration in subsequent versions.

This is not necessarily the case for experimental features. Experimental features are features that may not have been tested to our usual standards, and which may be reworked or removed entirely in future versions. They come with an increased risk of bugs and unforeseen behavior, but some users may find the extra functionality to be worth the risk.

# Giving feedback

Each experimental feature added to Meilisearch has an associated discussion on our core GitHub repository (opens new window).

The feedback from these discussions helps us evaluate the success or failure of experimental features, as well as potentially evolve them into a stable, non-experimental state.

Whether you want to share a bug report, an opinion, or a story about your experience with the feature, we are grateful for your contribution!