# MeiliSearch Documentation

Welcome to the MeiliSearch documentation. Here you'll find everything you need to learn and create with our lightning fast search engine.

If you're looking for information on a specific MeiliSearch SDK or front-end integration, you'll find it in our SDK list.

# Getting Started

Enjoy a hands-on approach to learning? Follow a quick tutorial to learn the basics of the engine.

Prefer to learn by reading? You're not alone. Check out articles covering the most important core concepts of MeiliSearch.

# Same Docs; New Organization

Hold up a minute—is it just me, or is something different here? 🤔

Our documentation has been reorganized to promote clarity, browsability, and maintainability. For starters, our helpful content is now grouped into three categories:

  • Learn: If it's your first-time using MeiliSearch or you want a refresher, we recommend starting here.

  • Create: If you're looking to start your own MeiliSearch project or get answers to a question, go here.

  • Reference: Encyclopedia-style documentation for all of MeiliSearch's features, API, and search engine internals. If you just want the facts and none of the fluff, this is the place for you.

Have fun browsing the new site, and let us know what you think could be improved (opens new window).

Happy searching! 🖖

# Version Compatibility

This documentation only reflects the latest version of MeiliSearch. As long as we are in beta (v0.x), we do not provide multi-version documentation.

The current version of MeiliSearch (opens new window) can be found in the top-left of the navbar.

# Open-source

MeiliSearch is open source. You can support the project by starring our main GitHub repository (opens new window)!


This documentation is also completely open-source (opens new window). We keep it up-to-date but you might find some typos or mistakes. Help us make it better by submitting a pull request (opens new window) or issue (opens new window) 😁