# MeiliSearch Documentation

MeiliSearch is a RESTful search API that is the ready-to-go solution for everyone wanting a powerful, fast, and relevant search experience for their end-users ⚡️🔎

Efficient search engines are often only accessible to companies with the financial means and resources necessary to develop a search solution adapted to their needs. The majority of other companies that do not have the means or do not realize that the lack of relevance of a search greatly impacts the pleasure of navigation on their application, end up with poor solutions that are more frustrating than effective, for both the developer and the user.

That's why we created MeiliSearch, an open-source solution accessible to everyone, meeting the vast majority of needs, even specific ones. Installable very easily with little or no configuration required but with a high capacity for customization.

Our solution is instant; it accepts typos; it understands filters, custom rankings, and a lot of other features.

# Open-source

MeiliSearch is open-source. You can support the project by starring it on our GitHub!

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# Demo

crates.io demo gif

Meili helps the Rust community find crates on crates.meilisearch.com

# Features

  • Instant Search (answers < 50ms): Priority on fast answers for smooth search experience.
  • Search as you type (prefix search): Results are updated on each keystroke. To make this possible, we use a prefix-search.
  • Typo tolerance: Understands typo and spelling mistakes.
  • Tokenization in English, kanji and latin based languages.
  • Return the whole document: The entire document is returned upon search.
  • Highly customizable search and indexation:
    • Custom ranking: Create your own ranking rules on indexation.
    • Stop-words: Ignore common non-relevant words like of, the, ..
    • Highlights: Highlighted search results in documents
    • Ability to create synonyms for a better search experience.
  • RESTful API