# Language

MeiliSearch is multilingual, featuring optimized support for:

We aim to provide global language support, and your feedback helps us move closer to that goal. If you notice inconsistencies in your search results or the way your documents are processed, please open an issue on our GitHub repository (opens new window).

If you'd like to learn more about how different languages are processed in MeiliSearch, see our tokenizer documentation.

# Improving Our Language Support

While we have employees from all over the world at MeiliSearch, we don't speak every language. In fact, we rely almost entirely on feedback from external contributors to know how our engine is performing across different languages.

If you'd like to help us create a more global MeiliSearch, please consider sharing your tests, results, and general feedback with us through GitHub issues (opens new window). Here are some of the languages that have been requested by users and their corresponding issue:

If you'd like us to add or improve support for a language that isn't in the above list, please create an issue (opens new window) saying so, and then make a pull request on the documentation (opens new window) to add it to the above list.