# Official SDKs / libraries

Our team and community have worked hard to bring Meilisearch to almost all popular web development languages, frameworks, and deployment options.

New integrations are constantly in development. If you'd like to contribute, see below.

# SDKs

You can use Meilisearch API wrappers in your favorite language. These libraries support all API routes.

# Framework integrations

# Front-end tools

# DevOps tools

# Platform plugins

# Other tools

# Contributing

If you want to build a new integration for Meilisearch, you are more than welcome to and we would be happy to help you!

We are proud that some of our libraries were developed and are still maintained by external contributors! ♥️

We recommend to follow these guidelines (opens new window) so that it will be easier to integrate your work.

Feel free to contact us! 🙂