# Features

Meilisearch is a flexible and powerful user-focused search engine. Here are some of its major features.

# Search as you type

Also called "instant search". Results are delivered while you're still inputting your query. Displayed results are changed in real-time whenever you type additional text into the search box.

# Ultra relevant

Meilisearch's default relevancy rules are designed to deliver an intuitive search experience with zero setup. They can be customized to ensure perfect results for your dataset.

# Typo tolerant

Instead of letting typos ruin your search experience, Meilisearch will always find the results you expect. Read more about typo tolerance in this dedicated guide.

# Synonyms

Define synonyms and craft a tailored, intuitive search experience.

# Highlighting

Highlight query terms and help users immediately find the matched text in a document.

# Geosearch

Search in the real world. Geosearch, also known as location-based search, allows you to filter and sort results based on their geographic location.

# Filtering

Create filters to refine results based on user-defined criteria.

# Faceting

Classify search results into categories and build intuitive navigation interfaces with faceted search.

# Sorting

Sort search results at query time and let users choose which results they want to see first.

# API key management

Protect your instance with API keys. Set expiration dates and control access to indexes and endpoints so that your data is always safe.

# Multitenancy

Manage complex multi-user applications. Tenant tokens help you decide which documents each one of your users can search.

# Index swapping

Use index swapping to deploy major database updates with zero search downtime.

# Comprehensive language support

Meilisearch is multilingual! We aim to support every language represented in our global community.

Wrap search terms in double quotes (") for strict queries that only return exact matches.