# Contact us

# Chat 💬

We love to chat directly with users in our Discord community (opens new window)! Use it to:

  • Connect with other Meilisearch users
  • Get support from Meilisearch team members
  • Give feedback on the engine, integrations, or documentation
  • Share what you've made with Meilisearch

And much more!

# Forum 📋

Prefer asynchronous long-form discussion? Check out our forum on GitHub Discussions (opens new window) for support requests, feature proposals, and more.

# Bug report 🛠️

If you have a bug to report, please add it as an issue in the corresponding repository, for example, meilisearch (opens new window), meilisearch/documentation (opens new window) and so forth.

# Product roadmap 🛣️

Have a feature you'd like to see in a future Meilisearch release? Add or upvote it on our public product roadmap (opens new window).

Any suggestion or feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you for your support!