# Installation

# Download and launch

Compile for Best Performance

For best performance, compile MeiliSearch on the machine you intend to run it on. This way, the binary is optimized for your specific architecture.

# Cloud deploy

To deploy MeiliSearch on a cloud service, follow one of our dedicated guides:

# Configuration options

Configuration options are added at launch, either through command line options or through environment variables.

This is an example using the command line options.

./meilisearch --db-path ./meilifiles --http-addr ''

Here is a list of all the options and how to use them.

# Updating MeiliSearch

Getting the latest version of MeiliSearch is a straightforward process: simply fetch and install the latest binary with your preferred method (see Installation above).

However, please note that prior to our official release (v1.0), databases are not compatible across versions. Any database created by MeiliSearch v0.X can only be read by that version.

# Migrating your database to a later version

If you get the error Cannot open database, expected MeiliSearch engine version: X.X.X, current engine version Y.Y.Y, your database is not compatible with the version you're using. To migrate your database to the most recent version of MeiliSearch, follow our dedicated guide.