# Deploy a Meilisearch instance on Qovery

Qovery (opens new window) is a fully-managed cloud platform that runs on your AWS, DigitalOcean, or Scaleway account where you can host static sites, backend APIs, databases, cron jobs, and all your other apps in one place.

Qovery provides free hosting for individual developers and includes the following features:

# Setup

# 1. Create a Qovery account

Visit the Qovery dashboard (opens new window) to create an account if you don't already have one.

# 2. Create a project

  • Click on Create project and give a name to your project
  • Click on Next

"Create Project" button

# 3. Create a new environment

  • Click on Create environment and give it a name (for example, staging, production).

"Create environment" button

# 4. Add your Meilisearch app

  • Click on Create an application, give it a name, and select the GitHub or GitLab repository where your Meilisearch app is located
  • Define the main branch name and the root application path
  • Click on Create

Choose your repository in the "Create Application" pop-up

After the application has been created:

  • Navigate to your application Settings
  • Select Port
  • Add port used by your Meilisearch application

# 5. Add storage

To add storage, go to your application Settings:

Set storage to 10GB SSD

# 6. Deploy the app on Qovery

All you have to do now is to navigate to your application and click on Deploy.

Choose "Deploy" from the "Actions" dropdown

That's it! Watch the status and wait until the app is deployed.

To open the application in your browser, click on Action and Open in your application overview.

# Support

Chat with Qovery developers on Discord (opens new window) if you need help.