# Postman collection for MeiliSearch

Are you tired of using the curl command in your terminal to test MeiliSearch? It can be tedious to re-write every route when wanting to try out an API.

Postman is a platform that lets you create HTTP requests you can easily reuse and share with everyone. We provide a Postman collection containing all the routes of the MeiliSearch API! 🚀


If you don't have Postman already, you can download it here (opens new window).
It's free and available on many OS distributions.

# Import the collection

Once you have downloaded the Postman collection, you need to import it into Postman.

Collection import

# Edit the configuration


Set the API key if needed (set to masterKey by default):

Edit API Key

Set the host URL (set to MeiliSearch's local port by default) and the index UID (set to indexUID by default):

Edit variables

The url and indexUID variables are used in all the collection routes, like in this one:

URL example

# Start to use it!

You can now run your MeiliSearch instance and create your first index:

Create index