# Installation

# Download and launch

# Usage

$ ./meilisearch --help
meilisearch-http 0.9.0

    meilisearch [OPTIONS]

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

        --db-path <db-path>              The destination where the database must be created. [env: MEILI_DB_PATH=]
                                         [default: ./data.ms]
        --env <env>                      This environment variable must be set to `production` if your are running in
                                         production. Could be `production` or `development` - `production`: Force api
                                         keys - `development`: Show logs in "info" mode + not mendatory to specify the
                                         api keys [env: MEILI_ENV=]  [default: development]  [possible values:
                                         development, production]
        --http-addr <http-addr>          The address on which the http server will listen. [env: MEILI_HTTP_ADDR=]
        --master-key <master-key>        The master key allowing you to do everything on the server. [env:
        --no-analytics <no-analytics>    Do not send analytics to Meili. [env: MEILI_NO_ANALYTICS=]

# Environment variables and Flags

Flags can be added on launch.

$ ./meilisearch --db-path ./meilifiles --http-addr
Server is listening on:

Here is the list of all Environment variables and Flags (CLI options).

Environment Variable CLI option Description Default value
MEILI_DB_PATH --db-path Defines the location for the database files "./data.ms"
MEILI_HTTP_ADDR --http-addr Address and port to listen to ""
MEILI_MASTER_KEY --master-key Default admin API key
MEILI_NO_ANALYTICS --no-analytics Deactivates analytics. Analytics allow us to know how many users are using MeiliSearch, which versions and which platforms are used. This process is entirely anonymous.
MEILI_ENV --env Defines the running environment of MeiliSearch. Can be set to production or development. "development"

# Environments

By default, MeiliSearch runs in development mode.

  • Production: the master key is mandatory.
  • Development: the master key is optional, and logs are output in "info" mode (console output).