# Asynchronous Updates

MeiliSearch is an asynchronous API. It means that the API does not behave as you would typically expect when handling the request's responses.

Some operations are put in a queue and will be executed in turn (asynchronously). In this case, the server response contains the identifier to track the execution of the operation.

# Async flow

  • When making a write request (create/update/delete) against the search engine, it stores the operation received in a queue and returns an updateId. With this id, the operation update is trackable.
  • Each update received is treated following the order it has been received.
  • You can get the update status on the /updates route.
  • Processed updates are marked as processed and kept in the operation list (available at /indexes/:index_uid/updates). They won't be deleted.
sequenceDiagram participant C as Client participant Q as Queue participant M as MeiliSearch C->>Q: enqueue first update Q-->>C: return updateId: 1 Q-->>+M: begin update 1 C->>Q: enqueue second update Q-->>C: return updateId: 2 M->>-Q: dequeue update 1 Q-->>+M: begin update 2 M->>-Q: dequeue update 2

# Which operations are async?

Every operation which could be compute-expensive is asynchronous. These include:

  • Update index settings
  • Add/update/delete documents

# Understanding updates

Updates returns the following information:

  • status: The state of the operation (enqueued, processed, or failed).
  • updateId: The id of the update.
  • type: The type of the operation.
  • enqueuedAt: The date at which the operation has been added to the queue.
  • processedAt: The date at which the operation has been processed.

# Examples

Adding documents:

  "status": "processed",
  "updateId": 1,
  "type": {
    "name": "DocumentsAddition",
    "number": 19653
  "duration": 12.757581815,
  "enqueuedAt": "2019-12-07T21:10:07.607581330Z",
  "processedAt": "2019-12-07T21:10:20.511525620Z"

Failing to upload document:

  "status": "failed",
  "updateId": 3,
  "type": {
    "name": "DocumentsAddition",
    "number": 1
  "error": "document id is missing",
  "duration": 0.000048524,
  "enqueuedAt": "2019-12-07T20:23:50.156433207Z",
  "processedAt": "2019-12-07T20:23:50.157436246Z"