# Features

Our feature list with extended explanations and links to the documentation.

  • Instant Search (answers < 50ms): Priority on fast answers for smooth search experience.
  • Search as you type (prefix search): Results are updated on each keystroke. To make this possible, we use a prefix-search.
  • Typo tolerance: Understands typo and spelling mistakes.
  • Tokenization in English, kanji and latin based languages.
  • Ability to create synonyms for a better search experience.
  • Easy to install, deploy and maintain
  • Return the whole document: The entire document is returned upon search.
  • Highly customizable search and indexation:
  • RESTfull API
  • Asynchronous write operations: Operations will be added to a queue for low response time and guaranteed consistency.
  • Bucket sort with 6 default ranking rules that can be re-ordered to suit your needs.