# Meilisearch Documentation

Welcome to the Meilisearch documentation. Here you'll find everything you need to learn and create with our lightning fast search engine.

Looking for SDK documentation? Check out this list of official Meilisearch libraries or use the Integrations dropdown menu at the top of the screen for quick access.

# Meilisearch news

Announcing Meilisearch Cloud: register now (opens new window) or log in here (opens new window) if you already have an account.

We just raised a 15M Series A! 🥳 Check out the TechCrunch exclusive (opens new window), or learn more on our blog (opens new window).

# Open-source

Meilisearch and its documentation are both completely open source. You can support the project by starring our main GitHub repository (opens new window). In addition, all documentation pages are editable—just use the handy "Edit this page" button in the bottom left corner. Happy searching 🔎